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Many people have not heard of, or don’t believe in, Reiki. That’s sad as they are missing out on something that will help them relax, absorb medication, self heal and de-stress. In addition I would like to add that animals can also be helped.

Reiki is not scary. It’s using energy to heal. You can feel the heat in your body, which is kinaesthetic energy. We are made of energy and water. So I channel energy via my hands to your key energy points, chakras, which look after elements in you, mind, body, spirit, rebooting your ability to ...

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I know that Reiki works. I have seen it and experienced it myself. I do understand some people are reticent about this as it seems to be impossible for it to work. But if you are open to trying something for me right now, maybe you will come closer to understanding.
All I want you to do is ru...

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Card reading can be done over Messenger or face to face. Or if you prefer, I can post it in an email!

Cash or PayPal please.

Free Consultation.
Talk to me about how you feel, tell me where you hurt. How is your back? Knee etc. Are you sleeping well and feeling refreshed in the morning? Having seen your Doctor, are the tablets working for you?
If you have seen me before, how have things changed? Or: Have you had a bab...

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Money off for referring a friend.

Mar 4, 2019 – Mar 3, 2020

When you refer a friend you both get £5 off!
This happens when they come and see me and mention you, they get £5 off immediately and, providing your next session is within 6 months, you get £5 off for that session! And the beauty of it is you can keep getting £5 off for every new referral! They ...

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A special offer for March 2019! £5 discount plus an introduction to meditation. I explain certain details, tell you how I do it, and talk you through the relaxation stage before your Reiki session.


Reiki Therapy

  • Reiki

    After talking about expectations and concerns you will be laying back on a comfortable therapy couch with a light blanket and shades. Should this be a problem, a high back office chair and stool is available. After connecting with you by placing my hands on your shoulders I will check your aura for energy dips before commencing to work down your body, working on your chakras and joints with my hands either above or lightly on you, as agreed. Gentle music will be playing in the background to help you relax. It’s okay to nod off. I will focus on areas you have highlighted, areas I notice need some help and will close with my hands on your shoulders. You may experience warmth, tingling or other mild sensations during the healing. Afterwards, when you’re ready to and have had some water to ground you, we will discuss the experience and anything else that we notice. I will add to your confidential notes for future reference only.
  • Chakra Reiki

    In addition to Reiki, chakra crystals will be placed gently into position from the crown of your head to the top of your thigh for the root chakra. The chakras are identified areas of energy, used for 100s of years. Namely Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Each has its own colour and particular crystals will be used to enhance the experience and focus the attention. By the end of the session I will have cleansed, reinvigorated and aligned them for your highest good. As each has a specific area of your body and organs to control it is very beneficial.
  • Reiki Deluxe

    In addition to the experiences named, you will have a guided meditation to listen to which will aid your focus on the same areas I will be working on. Additional quartz crystals are added in a specific format around you and both a crystal wand and a pendulum will be used to locate negative energies and remove them; followed by their replacement with positive energy. I will also offer you two aromatherapy scents for relaxation and memory, so you will be able to recall what sensations you had during our discussion afterwards. If you are sensitive to scent, please let me know before you arrive. Please don’t worry if you fall asleep. You won’t be the first and it will show full relaxation.

Oracle Card Reading

  • Oracle Card Reading

    Detailed Oracle Card Reading up to one hour. A further 30 minutes is another £10. The card reading is a spread of approximately 15 cards, but it may be more or less depending on what the cards indicate. The information is general.
  • Oracle Card Reading - specific spread

    Sometimes people want an area of their lives looked at. For that I need advance knowledge of the subject as there are many spreads to choose from. More than 3 cards. I suggest a friend to write down what is said joins you. No recording please.
  • Oracle Card Reading - 3 cards

    3 cards are drawn after deciding whether past, present, future or more focused questions.
  • Card Reading - Yes/No

    Single question. Certain questions are not available. Health and pregnancy for instance. Ask the question, if I am okay with answering we can go ahead

What do I offer?

I am offering you a comfortable, relaxing healing session which can aid your body to heal, accept medication and de-stress.  There are 3 choices. Reiki, Chakra Reiki and The Deluxe which includes everything from the other levels plus listening to a guided meditation, (by Jason Stephenson, who has approved this) eyes shielded from distractions, cushions galore to your specific needs and with the crystals, both Chakra and quartz points a more intensely guided and focused session. A pendulum and crystal wand taking negative and giving positive energy.  Also, your choice, I can offer two aromatherapy scents to relax you and boost recall. And I don’t mind if you fall asleep.  
Ten minute boosts for £10 also available. Cash or PayPal please.

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