I am delighted to say that I am rested and looking forward to meeting you and my regular clientele. I have updated what I am able to offer and apologise for the price rise, however it’s not really very expensive at £25 for 30 minutes healing or £35 for Crystal Reiki healing for 60 minutes! Speci...

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I was already able to offer healing for pets, however I thought it necessary to gain more information. I have also studied separately to this course.

Reiki for Animals


Pet stressed, ill? Why not consider holistic healing? I am happy to be able to offer healing for animals as a qualified, reiki practitioner. I am registered with IPHM and Level 2 Usui System of Natural Healing. Please view my services for information and contact me by text or email to arrange tim...

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Please note that I am on holiday for August. Reopening in September 2019 with revamped offers!

I hope you enjoy your summer holidays and I will see you soon!


Hi, I hope you’re able to see what I can offer you. Please send me any questions regarding an appointment, Reiki or Card Reading.

During August I am only accepting emergencies as I am taking a break. I am of course, still keeping current appointments.

I also have to let you know that in Septemb...

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My apologies, I previously posted this newspaper clipping, but it has come to my attention that it doesn’t show all of the print. I hope that this rectifies this error.

Many people have not heard of, or don’t believe in, Reiki. That’s sad as they are missing out on something that will help them relax, absorb medication, self heal and de-stress. In addition I would like to add that animals can also be helped.

Reiki is not scary. It’s using energy to heal. You can feel the heat in your body, which is kinaesthetic energy. We are made of energy and water. So I channel energy via my hands to your key energy points, chakras, which look after elements in you, mind, body, spirit, rebooting your ability to ...

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Reiki Therapy

  • Reiki - one to one or distance healing, including animals. 30 minutes healing. Block booking can help you more & a discount will be applied.

    We discuss your concerns, then you will be laying back on a comfortable therapy couch with a light blanket, cushions and shades, fully clothed except for shoes. Should laying down be a problem for you, a high back office chair and stool is available. After connecting with you by placing my hands on your shoulders I will check your aura for energy dips before commencing to work down your body, working on your chakras and joints with my hands either above or lightly on you, as agreed. Gentle music will be playing in the background to help you relax. The healing lasts for 30 minutes, along with an interview/review each end of the healing. So approx 1 hour. (Also suitable for a hospital visit). If local, I can either come to you for a seated healing, or you can come to me. I am also able to give distance healing. You will need to be resting to receive healing. £10 non refundable booking fee, which will be deducted from the final payment. Cash or PayPal. A review is humbly requested.
  • Reiki for 1 hour with/without crystals and meditation. Block booking can help you more and ultimately cost less.

    Healing for 1 hour. 30 minutes interview/review. In addition to the experiences named in Reiki Therapy, you can listen to a guided meditation, which will aid your focus on the same areas I will be working on, enabling full acceptance. Chakra crystals are placed on the chakra points. Additional crystals are added in a specific format around/on you and both a crystal wand and a pendulum will be used to locate negative energies and remove them; followed by their replacement with positive energy. I will also offer you two aromatherapy scents for relaxation and memory, so you will be able to recall what sensations you had during our discussion afterwards. If you are sensitive to scent, please let me know before you arrive. Please don’t worry if you fall asleep. You won’t be the first and it will show full relaxation. I humbly request that you leave a review on my website as it helps others. Thank you.

Oracle Card Reading

  • Oracle Card Reading - 60 minutes

    Oracle Card Reading up to one hour. A further 30 minutes is another £10. After a decision is made on the layout and purpose, the card reading will begin. Often a spread of approximately 15 cards, but it may be more or less depending on what the cards indicate. The information can be general, I don’t dictate what will be said, however if each card has a purpose we are more likely to have relevant information. Sometimes I am blocked and I will bring it to a close with no charge. There are many reasons why this can happen. I do hope you will understand that I am not in control, I am the messenger only. Hopefully everything will go ahead and I humbly request that you leave a review on my website. Thank you.
  • Oracle Card Reading - 3 cards - 30 minutes

    30 minutes on 3 cards which are drawn after deciding whether past, present, future or more focused questions, whichever appears to be more relevant. The discussion to decide this is before we begin your 30 minutes. £10 for an extra 30 minutes if you need further clarification or information. If I am blocked, which can happen, I will draw the sitting to a close and not charge you. I hope you understand that I am only the messenger. I am hopeful that everything will work out fine and I humbly request that you leave me a review on my website. Thank you.

What do I offer?

I am offering you a comfortable, relaxing healing session which can aid your body to heal, accept medication and de-stress.  There are 3 choices. Reiki, Chakra Reiki and The Deluxe which includes everything from the other levels plus listening to a guided meditation, (by Jason Stephenson, who has approved this) eyes shielded from distractions, cushions galore to your specific needs and with the crystals, both Chakra and quartz points a more intensely guided and focused session. A pendulum and crystal wand taking negative and giving positive energy.  Also, your choice, I can offer two aromatherapy scents to relax you and boost recall. And I don’t mind if you fall asleep.  
Ten minute boosts for £10 also available. Cash or PayPal please.

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